A wife, mother and grandmother I am using my "empty nest" to bring health, happiness and well being to myself, my family, my friends and those friends I have yet to meet.

     An Evidential Medium, Author, Speaker, Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, Medical Reiki Master, Shiv Yogini Shakti Healer, Healing Touch Level 2, and ordained non-denominational minister and Transitional Doula. I began my spiritual journey  as a Reiki practitioner in 2006.

​ In the fall of 2012, I attended a Mind  Body Spirit Expo in Philadelphia and had a few readings. One channeler told me that I had to get ready, that "now was my time".  I asked for what? He said I would be doing what he was doing and that my guides said time to get serious.  I thought I had wasted my money and my time. The next day the reader had stopped me and told me he had more messages for me, that we would be working together. I really thought it was all absurd. I was months away from turning 55. Who wakes up at 55 becomes a psychic?  I had a few dreams in my life that came true but was not "in tune" with guides or angels etc. 

  In April 2013, after seeking hypnotherapy and having a revelation regarding my personal happiness and desires,  I decided to open a home based healing center, Pike Creek Reiki & Healing Arts Center. As I began to do daily reiki treatments and weekly guided meditations, psychic gifts began to unfold and develop quickly. 

    My journey is still continuing daily through a variety of classes and working with enlightened others to learn and share so that I can grow personally and professionally.   I frequently bring other talented people to our center.

    As a Medical Reiki Master, I am certified to accompany patients into the Operating Room to give Reiki during their surgeries and to officially use the terms "Integrative Medicine",  "Energy Medicine", " Complimentary and Alternative Medicine".  Only a handful of reiki masters across the United States,Canada and the UK are certified by Raven Keyes, reiki master to the Doctors of New York Presbyterian/ Columbia University Medical Center in New York City, NY.

  That channeler was Roberto Pena of Philadelphia,  and he became my first mentor and good friend. Since then I have had the opportunity to study with   John Holland, Janet Nohavec, Lauren Rainbow, Mavis Pattilla & Tony Stockwell Of the UK.

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