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 Holiday With Heaven

Holiday with Heaven Mediumship event
featuring Mediums Gia Qamar & Tammy Petruccelli
Friday, December 11th from 7:30-9 pm
TICKETS: $25 until 11/11.
Tickets are $35 thereafter.
To purchase tickets please use your COMPUTER OR TABLET and go to:

(phone users may experience a broken link!)

Please join Mediums Tammy Petruccelli and Gia Qamar, as they present an evening of messages from your loved ones in Spirit.
Audience size is limited!
You must download free Zoom video chat on your computer to participate.
Because of the nature of Mediumship Demonstrations, not everyone attending is guaranteed a message, but you WILL be moved and inspired by what is shared during this special spiritual event.
* Absolutely no refunds under any circumstance. *
A few additional things to note...
You agree to keep your camera on and your face visible during the course of the event so the mediums can be fully in your presence...no blocking your camera or turning your video or audio feed ‘off’. ABSOLUTELY NO RECORDING.
After payment is made, you will be sent the private Zoom link (please don’t share the link-it’s for ticket holders only). If you aren't sent a link within a few days, please message Tammy directly at: pikecreekreiki@aim.com
Please come with an open heart and mind and be ready to receive a most wonderful healing holiday experience!  

 Audience members will receive messages/readings from loved one's in spirit, as time allows



​** attendance does not guarantee a reading or healing