What is an End Of Life or Transitional Doula?

•Origin- Doula is the Greek word for  a “woman who serves” or a “female servant”
•Most people are familiar with the doula provides support to women and their families during pregnancy, childbirth, and the period of time following their birth.

•End of Life Doula: A person who is trained to assist another person with their end of life journey and who may also provide support to their family members.
•Plays an active role in helping the patient and family prepare for death and perform the necessary tasks to ease the transition.
•The End of Life doula gets to know the individual beyond their illness. He or she listens to their pain, shares in their interests, gets to know them during their final stage of life and facilitates dying with dignity.

The End of Life Doula fills the gap between Hospice and Caregiver

To inquire about Doula services 302-530-6682 for yourself or a loved one